Proven Process
Plant Design

Mining-Friendly Jurisdiction with
Established Infrastructure Nearby

Low-risk Surface Mining;
Known Permitting Process

Low-cost Producer

SOPerior Fertilizer is a near term producer of premium SOP (sulphate of potash) fertilizer, alumina, and sulphuric acid from its massive Blawn Mountain Alunite resource asset in Utah. Surface mining and processing alunite using conventional industry methods yields alumina, SOP, and sulphuric acid. With three valuable commodities being produced from processing a single ore stream it is projected that the project will yield lowest in class production costs. All 3 product streams have strong domestic markets and the chosen project site has excellent mainline rail access to east, west and gulf coast markets.

The company is in the process of closing a Joint Venture development agreement with a strategic partner to get a first phase production facility financed and constructed.