Economic Impact Analysis

An Economic Impact Analysis of the Blawn Mountain Project was commissioned by the Corporation. It was completed by Louis Berger, an international professional services company with extensive experience in completing these types of analyses.

The Analysis sets out the anticipated economic benefits of the Project to the State of Utah and the local counties (Beaver County and Iron County) during the expected construction and operation stages. In total, the construction phase of the Project will generate approximately 7,300 jobs in Utah, with about 4,550 of those jobs benefitting the surrounding counties. The total Gross Regional Product (“GRP”) will exceed US$1.1 billion per annum in Utah during the construction phase through direct, indirect and induced impacts.

The Analysis anticipates that subsequent mine and plant operations will generate on average 3,100 jobs per year in Utah during the Project’s 40-year mine life, with over half being employed within Beaver and Iron Counties. The GRP in Utah throughout the operations stage is expected to be US$375 million per annum, with US$230 million to be generated in the local economy.

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