Arthur J. Roth , , Mr. , , Chairman

Mr. Roth's career spans fifty years, focused predominately in the fertilizer and chemical industry. Since 1985, A.J. Roth & Associates has provided business consulting and other services to the agribusiness, fertilizer, and selected non-metallic minerals industries, providing proprietary consulting assistance to more than 75 clients in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, China, India, Thailand and Japan. Mr. Roth has held executive positions with I.C. Potash Corporation, International Minerals & Chemical Corp. (now Mosaic Co.), AMAX Chemical Corporation and Helm Fertilizer Corporation.

Andrew Squires , , Mr. , , Director, President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Squires brings over three decades of international resource development experience in the energy and natural resources industries. In this time, he has established a proven history of success in creating strong management teams and helping grow new resource ventures into prosperous operations. His entrepreneurial spirit combined with his technical, operational, and financial knowledge have led to success in helping create value in the resource development sector. Of recent note, Mr. Squires was part of the original executive team of Osum Oil Sands Corp., a successful junior oil sands company, in which he was instrumental in creating the team and helping raise over $1 billion in private equity taking the company to commercial production. Prior to starting Osum Oil Sands, Mr. Squires worked for his own consulting firm providing services for clients including Exxon, Aera, BP, Pemex, PetroCanada, PanCanadian and Chevron. Mr. Squires' engineering and management skills were honed working for companies such as Dominion Exploration, Paramount Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources and Amoco.

Alan Abrams , , , Director

Mr. Alan Abrams is an executive who brings a wealth of experience in senior management roles over a career spanning more than 40 years. Alan has held a number of high-profile positions in a variety of sectors including mining, energy, materials and construction infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. Currently Mr. Abrams serves as CEO of Mogul Mountain Mining Company, a private precious metals exploration company. He recently retired from Atkinson Construction where he managed the Underground Construction Division for several years. He holds a mining engineering degree from Montana School of Mines.